What computer will I receive?

If you select Laptop.

If you select Desktop.

Every year, we conduct an independent evaluation and select the best computer for the typical small business professional. We seek out the best value that works for the most people. In other words, what laptop gives you the most bang for your buck over its entire life. When we conduct our evaluations, we have in mind the business owner that doesn’t want to think, just wants someone who knows technology to recommend a good value that will meet their needs.

How do you choose the computers?

Are the computers new?

Yes, all computers are brand new and configured out of the box at the time of purchase.

What is automatic replacement?

Automatic replacement is an Ariento program that enables clients who lease a computer to trade in at any time and receive a different computer if there are issues. Additionally, at the end of a lease, we automatically upgrade our clients to our latest model during the lease renewal process.

Can I purchase my laptop if I want to keep it at the end of my lease?

Yes, you are able to purchase your laptop at the end of your lease if you prefer to do so.