The 15 Minute Cyber Hygiene Spot Check

These 8 steps will give you an indication of where your business currently is with cybersecurity. It is by no means enough, but it's a place to start for small business owners taking ownership of their cybersecurity risk.

1. The Sophistication Check - Part I

How sophisticated does a hacker have to be?

2. The Sophistication Check - Part II

How sophisticated does a hacker have to be?

3. The Limit the Damage Check

How much damage can they do when they get in?

4. The Basics Check

The easiest data breach ever!

5. The Known Malware Check

Can known malware get through right now?

6. The Training & Awareness Check

All the security in the world is great, but if you invite a hacker in the front door...

7. The Segregation Check

Just how many ways in are there?

8. The Backup Check

You may think you have backup, do you really?