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It's no secret that people steal for financial gain, and cyber is no different. Given that, who better to target than those that provide financial services. We know how easy it is to put off cybersecurity as a future project. We get it, you're busy and your clients comes first. Not to mention, your IT "guy" is pretty good, you trust him, and you have a few piecemeal solutions such as anti-virus and data backup already in place, so it can wait. The truth is, IT and cybersecurity are different skill sets, and you are putting the client first when you protect their data, especially in the financial world. 

Top Cybersecurity Risks:

  • Unencrypted laptop or mobile phone is stolen and results in required customer notification of data breach
  • Employee error results in system compromise which spreads to other systems in network
  • Inability to quickly identify, contain, and respond to an intrusion results in more systems affected, more customers affected, and higher recovery cost

Top Cybersecurity Needs:

  • Ability to recover quickly and painlessly from theft without customer notification of data breach (Data Backup, Secure System Configuration, Remote Wipe/Recovery)
  • Proper access controls in place coupled with trained users (Secure System Configuration, User Training & Awareness)
  • Ability to quickly identify, contain, and respond to an intrusion (24/7/365 Security Monitoring, Intrusion Detection & Prevention)
  • Gramm-Leach-Biley Act (GLBA) Compliance

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