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Intuitively, personal health data seems an unlikely target for theft, but a quick internet search convincingly proves otherwise. Not only is sensitive health & wellness data being stolen every day, small practices tend to be the easiest target.

Top Cybersecurity Risks:

  • Employee error results in system compromise which spreads to other systems in network
  • Inability to quickly identify, contain, and respond to an intrusion results in more systems affected, more customers affected, and higher recovery cost

Top Cybersecurity Needs:

  • Proper access controls in place coupled with trained users (Secure System Configuration, User Training & Awareness)
  • Ability to quickly identify, contain, and respond to an intrusion (24/7/365 Security Monitoring, Intrusion Detection & Prevention)
  • HIPPA Compliance

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  • Secure IT Solutions
  • Secure Website Creation & Hosting