Business Incident Response & Recovery

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Business Incident Response & Recovery


Due to the various laws and compliance requirements that regulate businesses, a business cyber incident response requires additional care and expertise. We have built a team of the best digital forensic investigators, data breach attorneys and compliance experts to help with the complexity. Contact us today for a free, no obligations consultation. 

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  • Digital Forensics to determine if you have been hacked, the cause, and the scope of the damage.
  • Information collection through employee interviews and document review.
  • Communication strategy
    • Manage communications following a cyber-attack or security breach
    • Message crafting and identifying the best means of communication for all relevant audiences
    • Avoid mistakes, including:
      • Providing inaccurate or confusing notice communications, including communications that provide a limited, legalistic or formulaic response;
      • Failing to develop proper remediation and mitigation processes and using a process that frustrates consumers;
      • Ignoring certain audiences that should be contacted regarding a data breach
  • Optional Cyber Diligence Assessment to evaluate where your business is vulnerable, associated risks, and recommendations for what you can do to address vulnerabilities and mitigate risks in the future.
  • Remediation. Implementation of agreed upon recommendations to improve cybersecurity going forward and prevent incidents from occurring in the future.

WHAT YOU GET: Limited damage, reduced recovery time & costs and peace of mind going forward.