5. The Known Malware Check


So you think antivirus software and a firewall are enough to stop malware huh, well think again! Hackers are getting more and more sophisticated by the day and they know how to hide malware where your antivirus will never look.  You need to take steps to protect yourself so that you don't have to make a decision between your money and your files (see example below).  But how do you know if you already are properly protected you ask?  Ah you read my mind, see below.

EXAMPLE: This ransomware data breach on a small attorney's office that had antivirus and a firewall. 

The Spot Check:

STEP 1: Click here to test your metal

STEP 2: On the webpage, click the "Run the Test" button.

PASS: You pass at least 5 of the tests and/or the tests fail, but the reason is because both the good and files are being blocked all together.

FAIL: Your fail more than 13 tests and the reason is not because both the good and files are being blocked all together.

If you fail:

You are vulnerable to malware being obfuscated and getting around your current security.

  1. Have a conversation with your IT person about your current security setup. Aim for understanding and not blame. Remember, security and IT are different skill sets and this is a new, sophisticated threat that they weren't trained for. As long as they are willing to learn and don't get defensive, you can bring in an expert to help.
  2. Contact Ariento or another vendor you trust to get a vulnerability assessment to see where else you may be at risk and to provide you concrete recommendations for improving your security posture.

If you pass:

Verify with a second test and pat your IT person on the back.

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