I am Cyber Cautious... But What About My Children?

What can you do to avoid an infected computer at home when you have kids around?  You might know you shouldn't click that questionable link in that email to avoid negative consequences but how can you be so sure your child is exercising the same level of caution? Well, you can't be.  However, this monthly security newsletter from SANS gives great tips for avoiding this potential problem.

If it's possible, have two computers at home -- one for parents and one for kids. If you are sharing a computer, make sure you have separate accounts for everyone and that kids do not have privileged access. SANS advises:

"Having a computer dedicated to your kids will make sure they cannot accidentally infect your computer, which you may use for sensitive activities, such as banking online or taxes. In addition, keep their computer in a public, high-traffic area so their activities can be monitored. Just because they say they are doing homework does not mean they are actually doing homework. Finally, make sure the computer is secured, routinely backed up, and your children do not have administrator rights to it."

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