How to Secure Your Email (And Why It Matters More Than You Think)

Cyber crime is on the rise in a big hurry. It is ever-evolving, smart, and nimble (among other adjectives). While you may not always know exactly what to do all the time, at the very least there are highly critical steps you can take to beef up your security.

Online crime has become the second most reported crime in the world. It is expected that damage from cybercrime will cost people nearly $6 trillion per year by 2021.

Acknowledging that cyber crime is growing everyday and not going away is in every individual and business' best interest. The more proactive you are the better.  Without a doubt, for any business it will be much more costly to attempt recovery after a breach than it will to take your cyber security seriously today. Most small businesses do not recover. Most importantly, remember that it is not if but when a breach will occur (or it already has happened and you may not know it yet- this is extremely common).

Furthermore, despite the historic focus of hackers on governments and corporations, their gaze is gradually shifting towards individuals.

While the big headlines and top stories highlight the Targets and the Yahoos of the world, make no mistake about it- individuals are heavily impacted by hackers. Hackers will gravitate towards the most vulnerable victims. Vulnerable = easy target. Do not make it so easy for them! You have the ability to protect yourself. Hackers will move on to another target of opportunity if they cannot easily gain access to your sensitive information.

With all of the breaches making their way through the headlines, social media, and other outlets, hopefully you have come to the conclusion that you need to step up your online security game. A great and relatively simple place to start is improving your email security. Read the full article  from StopAd to find out how and why.