3 Simple Steps to Help Prevent Your Social Media from Being Hacked

  1. Enable two factor authentication on each platform (e.g., require a login password AND a code to be entered that is sent to your phone via text).  This will enable you to use the same password for all social media sites, although I do recommend to change passwords periodically. 
  2. NEVER, I mean NEVER, click on links.  Social media is one of the most widely used platforms for phishing and a fake email from Facebook sometimes looks like a real email.
  3. Turn on automatic updates for your computer.  Patches fix bugs that hackers exploit.
  4. OK...I know I said 3 steps but this one is more difficult to follow.  Assume someone is always watching, stay off public wifi (i.e., coffee shops), or at the very least don't do sensitive tasks while on public wifi.

There are no guarantees in life but proper cyber hygiene helps.