Thirteen Tips to Achieve Great CyberSecurity Without Spending a Fortune

Hackers seeking to steal data and money used to target primarily large corporations and government bodies. In recent years, however, they have shifted focus, and now direct quite a bit of attention to hacking small businesses and individuals.

So, as a small business owner, what can you do (without spending a fortune)? The steps below are achievable now and are steps that will hopefully become commonplace for all companies moving forward. Read more about these steps.

1. Ensure awareness.

2. Offer basic information-security training.

3. Don’t give everyone the keys to the castle.

4. Backup often. 

5. Encrypt.

6. Do not share credentials.

7. Use a proper password policy.

8. Devise, implement, and enforce social media policies.

9. Use security software.

10. Segregate Internet access.

11. Address personal device risks.

12. Comply with regulations.

13. Hire a pro.