Why a Child’s Identity and ID Information is the #1 Target for Some Cybercriminals 

Maybe it is something that has occurred to you, maybe it's not. The personal information of children is something that is especially vulnerable. Why?

Most often, child identity theft starts with a stolen Social Security number. This highly-valuable piece of information can then be used or sold on the black market. It’s particularly attractive because a child’s SSN has little to no history, allowing an identity thief to exploit the information, often going unnoticed for many years.

Since there are various reasons your child's identity is vulnerable, it's a good idea to become familiar with the how's and the what's. How can someone obtain my child's information in the first place? What can I do about? What happens when they get older if they are a victim? How can I defend my child's identifiable information? How can I find out if it has already happened?

For some of those answers, you can start with tips and advice from the experts.  Read the full Stop.Think.Connect article here. It also includes a link to a separate LifeLock article that covers what you can do if it has happened already.

To all cyber citizens: Stay cyber safe out there.