The Alicia Project

Alicia Kozakiewicz is an international advocate for preventative safety education and effective legislation. As a survivor of Internet luring/abduction and child sexual exploitation, Alicia has devoted her life to raising awareness of missing persons cases and protecting children against predatory crime.

We recently held our annual cybersecurity conference aimed at keeping small and mid-sized organizations up to date regarding the ever changing cyber-security and compliance environment. Do you know which speaker generated the most interest/questions during their presentation? The speaker who had gone through a breach himself. Everyone wanted to know more and thank him for sharing. People tend to engage more when the stories are real. Any expert can give you the facts and all the data to support them but that doesn’t speak quite as loudly as a real life experience.

Enter The Alicia Project, internet safety and awareness education . Alicia was the real victim of an internet luring and abduction to another state where she was held until her rescue. She has co-authored a survival guide for returning abductees (Department of Justice OJJDP publication), travels the world as a motivational speaker sharing her story, is the namesake of "Alicia's Law," which provides a dedicated revenue source for child rescue efforts, and much more. We invite you to explore The Alicia Project website as well as her other website to hear her story and educate yourself on an individual and parental level.