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Did you take the leap and leave a rigid, corporate environment to work for yourself? Or, maybe you never even bothered with the corporate life. While physical corporate offices are expendable, virtual offices still require corporate level IT security. For those whose businesses are all about strong relationships, Ariento helps you maintain the trust of your clients by protecting their data.

Top Cybersecurity Risks:

  • Unencrypted laptop or mobile phone is stolen and results in required customer notification of data breach
  • Breach of personal network/devices bleeds over to business system and sensitive data is compromised
  • Target of opportunity attack results in ransomware and/or data breach

Top Cybersecurity Needs:

  • Ability to recover quickly and painlessly from theft without customer notification of data breach (Data Backup, Secure System Configuration, Remote Wipe/Recovery)
  • Separation of work and personal networks and systems (Network Firewall, Secure Switch, Secure System Configuration)
  • Ability to securely share sensitive data with clients (Secure File Sharing)

Recommended Ariento Services:

  • All In One Secure IT Solution for the Self-Employed
  • Secure Website Creation & Hosting