Joe Baldini*, CPA, CFP - Sole Practitioner 

What Happened?

  • Laptop containing sensitive client information was stolen from a car parked in well-lit commercial area in front of a busy restaurant


  • Current and Past Client Tax Returns, Copies of Supporting Documents, Names, Addresses, Birth Dates, Social Security Numbers

What were the consequences?

  • Joe sent this data breach notification letter to his entire client list
  • Joe spent the next two months putting out fires before returning to his normal productivity level and being able to focus on his business again
  • Estimated cost: $38,372
  • In response, Joe implemented a "no laptops outside the office" policy which he describes as a great inconvenience (and an unnecessary one in our opinion), but requires it because he believes the consequence of having a second incident would be devastating to the business 

How COULD ariento have helped?

A subscription from Ariento would have helped in these ways:

  • Full disk encryption would have prevented the sensitive client data on the laptop from being accessed, and also prevented Joe from having to send a data breach notification to his clients
  • Remote lock, wipe and recovery would have locked and/or erased the laptop as soon as it connected to the internet and assisted law enforcement with pinpointing the location of the laptop to be recovered
  • File backup service would have enabled Joe to recover his lost files and return to work as soon as he obtained a new laptop

*We have changed the names of the individuals involved in this case study in order to protect their identity