Expert in Digital Forensics joins Ariento’s Advisory Board

Los Angeles, CA- Today, Ariento, a company that provides IT and security for small businesses, has announced the addition of Brad Maryman to their advisory board.

The founder of Maryman & Associates, Maryman spent nearly 30 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) before opening his own business and acting as a consultant for private companies. Recognized as an expert in digital forensics, he was responsible for the FBI’s first Computer Analysis Response Team and authored the current FBI IT Disaster Recovery policy and protocols. Maryman also conducted and supervised numerous investigations and served as an Information Systems Administrator and Security Programs Manager during his career.

As the world of cyber continues to both change and grow, so too, does the need for businesses to implement controls that limit the possibility of a data breach, while adopting a framework that not only includes a plan for prevention but also recovery. For this reason, Ariento has continued to expand their internal capability set and level of collaboration with fellow cybersecurity experts in an effort to better serve their clients and provide a holistic approach to digital security. 

"We are extremely proud to have Brad on our board because he has decades of experience in an area that's critical for companies of all sizes that are trying to limit their risk when it comes to a data breach," said Chris Rose, managing partner at Ariento. He added, "There just aren't that many people in the cybersecurity industry with Brad's skill set and expertise. Many claim they are capable of doing digital forensics, but there just aren't that many who do it well, especially at the small business level in which we are focused at Ariento."

Ariento is a service-disabled military veteran owned company with over 30 years of experience in cybersecurity and information technology (IT). Whether it is consulting for larger companies, managing IT services and support for small businesses or leasing secure computers to individuals, their service and expertise helps to limit risk for business owners every day.

From the Department of Defense and Marine Corps, to the National Guard, Ariento has provided answers to the growing threat of cyber on behalf of the nation, its businesses and organizations as well as individuals.

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