Our Mission

To relieve the burdens that come with technology, so that stakeholders can leverage the extraordinary benefits without worry. 

What We Believe In

Marx had a manifesto. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. We have 8 beliefs that guide us every single day.

1. Relationships, not transactions.

We run a business not a charity; therefore, we need to make a profit. However, we do not view each client as a chance to extract dollars and cents, but rather an opportunity to have a healthy, long-term business relationship that is mutually beneficial. Our customer interactions reflect this view.

2. 100 years from now.

We take the long-term view, focusing on the important and not just the urgent. We do not only measure outcomes, we evaluate the process that leads to those outcomes and trust that if we are doing things the right way the results will follow.

3. Ductus Exemplo.

Competition is great, but our biggest competitor will always be found by looking within. We compete each day to be better than yesterday. We optimize iteratively via continuous individual actions. The collective sum of those actions results in us constantly raising the bar, whether our industry is doing so or not.

4. Sleeping well at night.

We aim to be beyond reproach and to achieve the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have done things the right way and to the best of your ability. We have the courage to do what is hard and the discipline to do what is right, even when no one is watching.

5. Keeping it simple stupid (KISS).

Complexity is necessary, but not as often as we think. Any addition of complexity must be worth the tradeoff. Simple is secure. Simple is explainable. Simple is serviceable.

6. No jerks, no peacocks.

We are unconcerned with whom receives blame when things go wrong, or credit when things go right. We hire unselfish, smart people who are committed to the TEAM and our mission, and we openly communicate and share information.

7. Mission first, people always.

In order to sustainably accomplish our mission, we must take care of those that execute it. To do so, we must know ourselves and have a genuine curiosity to understand others. We respect all people, value the differences among them and treat them in the way we want to be treated.

8. Adversity is an opportunity.

Things go wrong from time to time, and mistakes happen. Rather than quitting or getting down during difficult times, we take responsibility for our actions, communicate and propel ourselves forward. More often than not, we will come out the other side looking and feeling better than we would had the event never occurred.